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Blog #1

by Martha Moore on 09/25/17

Your body is smarter than you think.  Let it teach you.


The Fountain of Youth is not something outside of us; it is in all of us: it is mindful movement. Moving with awareness, mindfully allows us to communicate with our bodies (and it with us), it allows us to access the natural pharmacy within us.

My intention with these blogs is to keep myself and you, the reader, curious and involved in the how's and why's of our bodies AND to use that information to keep us pain free and moving/functioning as long as possible.

I work with many people in their 80s,90s and even a few in their 100s.  As a massage and movement therapist, I see that way they have lived and moved (or not) has impacted their bodies...I often feel as if I have a message from the future and it is: keep moving and keep paying attention!

Come along with me as we discover the Fountain of Youth!

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1. Linda Harrison said on 9/25/17 - 11:26AM
As a new retiree, I am facing my older years coming and really appreciate your interest in addressing the aging body. This blog is greatly needed in a society that focuses so strongly on youth and views aging as something to address with medication. Thank you for this blog. I look forward to practical info on how to age with vitality and mobility.

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